Penny Stocks to Watch - Developing Your Own List of Penny Stocks to Watch

Looking for hot penny stocks to watch? Stop looking and start creating. Anytime you rely on another person to supply that popular list of stocks, you are making a huge mistake. These unique stock trading waters are shark-infested and frothing to the brim with fraud. You will find three basic steps to creating your own list of penny stocks to watch.

Broker Your Way to Penny Stocks to Watch First you want a full service broker. When they read this measure many people may sigh. Quit playing games here. That is real money with real danger. If you are seriously interested in learning how to make money with stock trading, then the very first step you have to take on the right path to creating your own list of stocks to watch is to find an established and reputable full service broker to yourself. It's possible for you to go with discount agents like E*Trade afterwards when you have learned the trade and you are prepared to take care of business on your own. Technical Analysis of Stock Picks Next you need to learn the fundamentals of technical analysis. In penny stocks to watch terms, technical analysis refers to identifying patterns known to be related to particular future conduct of a stock and viewing the chart data. You will find terms like "head and shoulders" and "double tap" used to refer to particular routines. Even if you are working with a broker who's helping you learn the ropes, learn to correctly identify and diagnose them with real stocks in the industry and you have to examine these distinct patterns. Fast seeing routines that are common and diagnosing them is essential in developing your own list of penny stocks that are hot to watch.